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Matthew C. Nowlin

Assistant professor of political science at the College of Charleston

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Environmental Policymaking and Governance in an Era of Climate Change

The book project examines potential pathways for climate change policymaking in the United States given the structure of institutions and the nature of environmental policy development. It is currently in production with Routledge for an expected 2019 release.

Below is the environmental policymaking process framework that I developed to organize the book. This framework draws from several of the major theories of the policy process.


The specific topics developed in the book include the nature of values and value systems in determining beliefs about climate change; how changes in inputs may lead climate change to gain attention from the policymaking system; the development of environmental and climate change policy within (and across) the major policymaking institutions; the actors, subsystems, and networks that are engaged in the climate policy; and various policy design and implementation approaches across multiple levels of government to address climate change.