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Matthew C. Nowlin

Assistant professor of political science at the College of Charleston

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Currently I have two major projects in development; a book project on climate change policy and Our Coastal Future Forum.

Our Coastal Future Forum received funding from a National Academies Gulf Research Program exploratory grant in 2016. The project in which the forum is based is entitled, Can deliberative discussions lay a foundation for integrated decision-making networks?. It was developed with Susan Lovelace from the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium and the College of Charleston and Justin Reedy from the University of Oklahoma. The project seeks to engage the public, natural resource managers, and decision-makers in a deliberative process to address issues facing coastal communities.

Below are links to my publications and in a few papers that are in progress.

Here is my Curriculum Vitae   pdf


2017       "'Hot Rocks that Shoot Ghost Bullets': Native American Perceptions of a Nuclear Waste Facility." Politics, Groups, and Identities, Forthcoming

2016       "Modeling Issue Definitions using Quantitative Text Analysis." Policy Studies Journal,  44(3): 309-331

2016       "Cultural Theory and Managerial Values: Examining Trust as a Motivation for Collaboration." Public Adminstration, 94(4): 915-932

2016       "Policy Change, Policy Feedback, and Interest Mobilization: The Politics of Nuclear Waste Management." Review of Policy Research, 33(1):51-70

2015       "Partisanship, Information, and Public Opinion about Yucca Mountain." Proceedings of the 15th International High-Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference, 226-231

2012       "Reconsidering the Relationship Between Cultural Theory, Political Ideology, and Political Knowledge." Social Science Quarterly, 99(3):713-731

2012       "Weather, Climate and Worldviews: The Sources and Consequences of Public Perceptions of Changes in Local Weather Patterns." Weather, Climate, and Society, 4(2):132-144

2011       "Theories of the Policy Process: State of the Research and Emerging Trends" Policy Studies Journal, 39(s1):41-60

2011       "Reversing Nuclear Opposition: Evolving Public Acceptance of a Permanent Nuclear Waste Disposal Facility." Risk Analysis, 31(4):629-644

2008       "The Implementation of the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative to Individuals Receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families." Oklahoma Politics, 17:111-131

Working Papers

2016      "The Climate Change Policy Regime and Information Networks in the United States Congress"

2016      "Cultural or Scientific Consensus? Cultural Cognition, Climate Science Knowledge, and Policy Preferences"