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Matthew C. Nowlin

Assistant professor of political science at the College of Charleston

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2016       "Modeling Issue Definitions using Quantitative Text Analysis." Policy Studies Journal, Forthcoming

2016       "Cultural Theory and Managerial Values: Examining Trust as a Motivation for Collaboration." Public Adminstration, Forthcoming

2016       "Policy Change, Policy Feedback, and Interest Mobilization: The Politics of Nuclear Waste Management." Review of Policy Research, 33(1):51-70

2015       "Partisanship, Information, and Public Opinion about Yucca Mountain." Proceedings of the 15th International High-Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference, 226-231

2012       "Reconsidering the Relationship Between Cultural Theory, Political Ideology, and Political Knowledge." Social Science Quarterly, 99(3):713-731

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2008       "The Implementation of the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative to Individuals Receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families." Oklahoma Politics, 17:111-131

Working Papers

2016      "The Climate Change Policy Regime and Information Networks in the United States Congress"

2016      "Cultural or Scientific Consensus? Cultural Cognition, Climate Science Knowledge, and Policy Preferences"